ice:panelBorder - Overview

Observe the organization and structure of the page created with the border layout component. The border layout component allows a developer to easily format a page without existing CSS or table knowledge. Simply define content for the different facets on the page and the border layout will create a common looking page. Each facet can be customized or hidden as needed.

Header Here is some header info in the North facet
Simulated Menu Links West Facet

Simulated content in the Center facet.

ICEfaces 2 is an open-source Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework based on the JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2 standard. Like its predecessor, ICEfaces 1.8, ICEfaces 2 extends JSF to simplify development and enhance the standard JSF feature set - simultaneously improving developer efficiency and expanding the spectrum of RIA capabilities that can be included in any JSF-based web application.

Adhering closely to the standard JSF 2 extension points allows ICEfaces to work transparently with the stock JSF framework, simplifying integration and fostering 3rd party compatibility with other JSF 2-compliant libraries.

East Facet
Example footer in the South facet
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