ACE Overview

What are the ACE Components?

The ACE Components (ICEfaces Advanced Components) are the next-generation of open source ICEfaces components. Featuring over 40 components including the industry-leading ace:dataTable, the ACE Components utilize a blend of server-side and client-based rendering techniques to provide a rich, responsive user-experience with reduced network and server-processing requirements.

Key features of the ACE Components include:

  • » Leverage powerful JavaScript components from leading 3rd-party libraries, such as jQuery, while shielding ICEfaces application developers from having to learn/use JavaScript directly.
  • » Support extensive client-side functionality to improve component richness, responsiveness, and scalability.
  • » Provide a flexible and consistent approach to UI theming/skinning across all components, based on jQuery ThemeRoller themes.

The ACE Components are authored using the ICEfaces Advanced Component Environment, which implements a consistent approach to component authoring, meta-data management, and automates common component development tasks and optimizations.

When should I use the ACE Components?

The ACE Components are ideally suited to ICEfaces projects that are able to leverage the power of modern browsers to provide a richer, more dynamic and responsive user-interface. The ACE Components provide a higher degree of client-side rendering, behaviours, and Ajax transaction flexibility. This reduces both the number and size of render-cycles required for typical interactions, and provides a highly responsive user-interface. In future ICEfaces releases, new component features will be implemented primarily on the ACE component platform, therefore the ACE Components will continue to evolve rapidly.

How are the ACE Components Licensed?

The ACE Components are made available under the Apache License Version 2 open source License. All code modifications and component enhancements are free for developers to use, distribute and modify.

How can I find out more about the components?

The component samples included in this ICEfaces Showcase application include source code for each sample, located at the bottom of each page. In addition, links to technical documentation and the component TLD documentation are provided on the right-hand side menu on the header bar for each sample.

The complete source code for this sample application is included in the ICEfaces release bundle.