ice:panelTooltip - Overview

The panel tooltip component is useful for displaying rich tooltips that can contain any other component, such as plain text, images, even calendars or data tables. Customizing how the tooltip is displayed (hover, click, etc.) can be done by the developer. A common usage would be website previews when a link is hovered over, or definitions of words in a scientific paper.

In the example below:

  • » Mouse over each highlighted word below to see additional information on the topic displayed using a panel tooltip component.
ICEfaces 2
is an
Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework based on the
JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2
standard. Like its predecessor, ICEfaces 1.8,
ICEfaces 2
to simplify development and enhance the standard JSF feature set - simultaneously improving developer efficiency and expanding the spectrum of RIA capabilities that can be included in any JSF-based web application.
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