ice:dataPaginator - Overview

The paginator component is useful for moving through large sets of data in a data table. The displayed pages, step count, etc. can be customized through the component. A developer can implement lazy loading in their data table so that only the displayed rows are stored in memory, instead of the entire data set. This is extremely useful for large sets of data read from a database.

In the example below enter a number of rows to display in the data table at once. If the rows exceed the displayed amount a paginator will show up and can be used to move through the available data

1 Enduro Van 15383lbs. 10 17.86 $6,617.17
2 Tamale Bus 7331lbs. 15 16.65 $31,464.24
3 Doublecharge Pickup 5333lbs. 15 17.84 $10,922.73
4 Swordfish Bus 10956lbs. 5 5.17 $6,019.83
5 Iguana Pickup 1696lbs. 10 9.43 $19,736.16
6 Dart Motorcycle 9261lbs. 15 12.85 $37,947.84
7 Pisces Luxury 7846lbs. 10 15.13 $19,235.20
8 Flash Mid-Size 11499lbs. 10 12.74 $29,942.38
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