ice:tree - Overview

The tree component is used for displaying parent-child data in a hierarchical fashion. This style of display is common in businesses as a wide variety of data can be managed while users can still easily understand the layout. The text and icon of each node and leaf can be customized as needed, as can many attributes of the tree itself. This component is built on top of the Swing JTree, so developers familiar with that node approach will see similarities in the tree component.

In the example below:

  • » Expand and contract the different nodes in the tree.
  • » Click the "Regenerate" button to randomly create a new set of data for the tree.

Root Root
Folder 1 Folder 1
Item 1-0 Item 1-0
Item 1-1 Item 1-1
Item 1-2 Item 1-2
Folder 2 Folder 2
Item 2-0 Item 2-0
Item 2-1 Item 2-1
Item 2-2 Item 2-2
Item 2-3 Item 2-3
Folder 3 Folder 3
Item 3-0 Item 3-0
Item 3-1 Item 3-1
Item 3-2 Item 3-2
Item 3-3 Item 3-3
Item 3-4 Item 3-4
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